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Winter is here. And if you're like many you may have the dry, flaky, irritated skin to prove it. What's to blame? While there are a few factors that contribute, extreme temperature fluctuations and low humidity levels are the main culprits...keep reading

Holistic Beauty: 6 Tips to Get Dry Winter Skin Glowing Again

CBD Infused Spicy Guacamole Recipe

Before you say, "Guacamole? In the middle of November?" hear us out. Today, November 14th, is actually an important national holiday: National Spicy Guacamole Day!...keep reading

The Chillest Spicy Guacamole Ever - A Functional Superfood Recipe with Hemp CBD!


OK, so you had a little too much fun with the fun sized candy over Halloween? You are definitely not alone today. Maybe you're even experiencing the dreaded "sugar hangover": a headache, cloudy thinking, detox symptoms, digestive issues....keep reading

7 Tips (Plus a Juice!) To Get Back On Track After Too Much Sugar