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What are Carrier Oils and Why Do They Matter in Your Hemp CBD When it comes to purchasing a CBD product, it's only natural to focus on the active compound with all the therapeutic benefits: the CBD itself. While it's crucially important to know where the CBD is coming from and how it's processed, it's also important to take a look at the entire ingredient list and see what else is in there. Unfortunately, like many supplements, there can be some funky hidden (or not so hidden) ingredients in CBD supplements that don't help support our health. What's a carrier oil? A carrier oil is just that – a carrier or delivery medium for the more active ingredients within a particular formula. While carrier oils won't have the same impact as the actual CBD within a CBD formula, it actually makes up the bulk of most CBD supplements since the hemp extract itself is highly concentrated. It's important that the carrier oil is high quality and ideally has some health-boosting properties as well. This creates a more well-rounded health supplement with only upsides. At Veggimins we use one of two different options as a carrier for our CBD: a cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil, or organic coconut MCT oil – both of which nourish the body with healthy fats that support our nervous system, brain health, skin and metabolism. Why use a carrier oil at all? When CBD is extracted from hemp, it is highly concentrated, and generally has a very thick, waxy texture. It needs to be diluted in order to be administered as an oral supplement, or used in a skincare formulation. If you take a look at each of our extracts you'll notice that they list different numbers on the front of the label. This is the total mg of actual CBD per bottle. The higher the strength, the more of this highly concentrated CBD extract is included – meaning, it's more concentrated. The lower the number, say for instance our 60 mg option, will have less of the CBD extract to carrier oil as a ratio. Hemp oil vs CBD extract While both hemp seed oil and hemp CBD extract come from the cannabis (hemp) plant, hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds exclusively and is generally made via a cold-pressing method. While it's a very healthy source of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, it doesn't contain any CBD. Hemp CBD extract is produced in a similar fashion to an essential oil – through an extraction process involving either solvents, steam distillation, or through a CO2 process. It comes from the leaves, stalks and even flowers of the hemp plant. At Veggimins we use a CO2 process because it's environmentally friendly and free of all harsh chemicals, and it's very low heat which helps retain the hemp plant's beneficial properties and constituents. What is MCT Oil? MCT is a big buzz word in the health industry. It stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat typically found in foods like coconut oil. Compared to its counterpart - long-chain triglycerides - MCT oils are broken down and burned as energy with more ease than other forms of fat. MCT's are absorbed by the liver, where they can either be used as an energy source on the fly or turned into something called ketones. You may have heard of the word ketones in reference to ketosis - a metabolic state achieved through a "keto diet". This diet involves reducing carbohydrate levels to a low enough level over time that the body and brain are forced to switch from running primarily on glucose for energy, to running on an alternative source of fuel: ketones. This is why MCT products can be a very helpful energy source on a keto lifestyle. Every Ingredient Matters Our foundation at Veggimins is the belief that food is the best medicine. It means all ingredients matter, and we put a great level of care into formulating our products to be food-based and completely free of common supplement and food additives. We embrace quality and efficacy not just with the active ingredients in our products, but in all ingredients. Check out our full range of hemp CBD extracts, chocolates and skin serums HERE.

When it comes to purchasing a CBD product, it's only natural to focus on the active compound with all the therapeutic benefits: the CBD itself. While it's crucially important...keep reading

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2018 Farm Bill Update: Hemp Hemp Hooray!

It's been a great week for hemp supporters! The 2018 Farm Bill was voted on by the US Senate Tuesday, Dec 11th and it passed by a landslide. Next stop: President Trump's desk for official signature. This was a huge victory for all stakeholders within the CBD industry, as well as all of the consumers now using and benefiting from CBD...keep reading

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