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Veggimins Enhanced CBD Extract + Terpenes For Pets - 250 mg - 3 PACK

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Help your animal friend live their best life with full spectrum hemp-based nutrition. Each easy-to-use dropper bottle contains 250 mg of organic, broad spectrum hemp CBD (cannabidiol) in a base of organic hemp seed oil. No additives or fillers. All synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids, and phytocompounds of the original plant are maintained. 

Directions: Use 1-4 mg of cbd per 10 lbs of body weight. Start with a smaller dose initially, and build as needed. Consult with your veterinarian with specific questions about dosage or treatment. Can be mixed with food or water or placed directly in mouth. Store in a cool, dark area. Contains zero THC.

Serving Size: 30 drops (1g) = 8.33 mg CBD

Net Wt: 3 fluid oz (3, 1 oz bottles) = 90 Day Supply


Organic Hemp Oil°, Organic Hemp Oil Extract (CBD)°, Organic Rosemary Extract°

°Cold processed

3rd Party Tests

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